Biofilta Foodcube Review

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Have you thought about where your food comes from? Food miles are becoming longer and we are being inundated with plastic waste. As part of our local community, we are conscious of our footprint in the world and how we can look to improve this. Stocking innovative products that are sustainable is one of many improvements we make. Over the last 7 months, we have tested out the Biofilta Foodcube in store and can confirm – we are impressed!

Who is Biofilta?

Biofilta are Australian owned and operated innovators. With a history in designing and construction stormwater systems for recycling into water for irrigation of parks in and around Melbourne, they have recently turned their focus to food. Biofilta believe that environmental literacy relies on participation in activities like food growing and as such have designed wicking garden systems to improve water-efficiency of urban agriculture, minimise labour requirements and make food growing accessible to all.

What is a foodcube?

The Biofilta Foodcube is a state-of-the-art wicking garden system. Combined with harvested rainwater and onsite composting, the Foodcube wicking systems can turn food miles into metres and reduce waste output. See the below image for explanation of each of the features.

Biofilta Foodcube Explained

Note: Image sourced from Biofilta

What are the features and specifications of a foodcube?

  • 1150mm x 1150mm x 500mm

  • Recycled UV stable plastic

  • Modular – connect in series

  • Self-watering wicking design

  • Variable water height

  • 315mm Soil Depth

  • Soil Cones for Wicking

  • 1m2 of Internal Growing Area

  • 110 Litre Water Reservoir

  • No rust and long lasting

  • Made in Australia

  • Saves time, no top watering

  • Easy to install

  • Approximately 400 kilograms when full of soil and water

  • Low water use

  • Moveable

  • Netting and cover systems available

  • Self-aerating

  • Accepts dress panels

Are there any downsides?

A good review is honest, therefore if we had to find a downside to the Biofilta Foodcube, it would be that once it is set up, its difficult to move unless you have machinery capable of doing so. With a deep soil profile and large water reservoir, the total weight of a single foodcube can be up to 400 kilograms.

If you are considering installing any Biofilta product on a deck, rooftop, balcony or raised structure, you must consult a professional such as a structural engineer to make sure the structure is suitable for the load bearing capacity.

Why would I want a foodcube?

We listed the top 5 reasons we love a foodcube:

  1. It’s compact, well designed and can be cladded to make a feature in your garden.

  2. The technology sees crops grow exceptionally well and fast. Great for use in a business or home!

  3. Growing your own food, straight from the garden to the table is not only healthy for you, but great for the environment too.

  4. Reduces your environmental footprint by reducing food miles.

  5. The investment sees long term returns.

How can I find out more?

Learn more about the Biofilta Foodcube and their products at: or head over to their socials: Facebook or Instagram

Where can I buy one?

You can buy from us! We are proud to be a stockist of the Biofilta Foodcube. Call in and see our in-store display for yourself or get in touch with us to find out more.

Delivery options are also available.

Call us on 03 5472 1270 or email us.

Check out the progress shots below from our crops in 2020 to see the success we have had.

Crop 1

Biofilta Foodcube - Crop 1 - Seedlings on Planting
Biofilta Foodcube - Crop 1 - Seedlings after 3 Weeks
Biofilta Foodcube - Crop 1 - Seedlings after 6 Weeks
Biofilta Foodcube - Crop 1 - Seedlings after 10 Weeks

Crop 2

Biofilta Foodcube - Crop 2 - Seedlings after Planting
Biofilta Foodcube - Crop 2 - Seedlings after 3 Weeks.
Biofilta Foodcube - Crop 2 - Seedlings after 6 Weeks.
Biofilta Foodcube - Crop 2 - Seedlings after 10 Weeks.

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