Daylight Savings Reminder

Daylight savings reverts back in Victoria, at 3am on Sunday 3rd April 2022. At this time your clock moves backward one hour to 2am. If you are lucky, you may enjoy the extra hour of sleep, for those ready to tackle those home maintenance jobs, here is our top tips for around the home and garden.

If you need supplies, we are open 7 days a week.

Inside your home

  • Check your batteries in your smoke detectors and replace them. We stock a range of sizes in batteries with brands such as Toshiba.

  • Reverse your ceiling fans and give them a clean! In-store you will find Sabco products perfect for dusting and cleaning.

  • Examine your fire place and have the flue cleaned and move any excess fire wood away from your home.

  • Check air filters in air-conditioning systems and clean them. Did you know that often the best way to clean them is with a good hose down? We have a range of Holman hoses and triggers perfect for the job! Check your systems manual for the recommended cleaning method.

  • Are your door seals ready for the cooler winter months? Now is a great time to replace them to keep the cool in and heat out for the warmer months. It may even be time to upgrade the pet door. We have those in-store too!

Outside your home

  • Up the ladder you go! Clean out your gutters and check for leaks. Ensure you use a safe ladder and if you have a leak, a purchase from the range of Soudal products in-store will get the job done.

  • Does your deck need a good clean or repair after the summer barbeques? We have a range of decking materials from hardwood, merbau, blackbutt and more, along with balustrading and fixtures. Once you have made the repairs, then it’s time to stain and oil. Stocking Cabots and Cutek you will be sure to find the colour you need to have your deck sparkling. We can even make the job easier with a range of applicators from UniPro. Even better, our team can give you the expert advice you need for the job.

  • Inspect gutters, downpipes and concrete for cracks and repair using a filler and then a seal. Make the most of the last of the warm Autumn days.

  • How secure is your fencing and gates? From keeping the pets in or the visitors out – we have a great range of fencing materials and gates in-store.

  • Once you have the new gate, toss the old rusty padlocks and get yourself a new set. We can also complete key cutting if you need extras!


  • If your garden edging is looking worse for wear, now is a great time to replace it. Once that is done, top up your soil with good quality fertiliser and mulch.

  • Don’t forget to reset automated watering systems to comply with local water rules and restrictions!

  • Check taps and hoses for leaks and any damage caused over Summer. Consider upgrading your sprinklers and adding tap timers to be more water efficient this coming winter.

  • Autumn is a great time to plant! Call in and check out the fully stocked Garden Centre and see our team for your garden advice.

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