Preparing your home for Summer and the Fire Danger Period

Preparing your home and property for Summer and the Fire Danger period is important before the Fire Danger Period begins.

What is the Fire Danger Period?

This is a period of time set by your local shire or council when the CFA restricts the use of fire in the community. This is to help prevent fires from starting. Once the Fire Danger Period has been declared, fire restrictions come into force. This means you cannot light a fire in the open air unless you have a permit or comply with certain requirements.

When does it start?

Each local shire or council will determine when the fire season starts as they will take into account the amount of rain, grassland and other local conditions for the municipality. In the Mount Alexander region, the fire danger period normally comes into effect in November.

Is my home or property affected?

First step is to check if restrictions are in place for your area and what this means for you. For Victoria – refer to the CFA Website

For all other states, refer to your local fire authority for information on restrictions.

What can I do to prepare my home?

  • Clearing away rubbish from around the house and garden.

  • Cut and maintain grass to no higher than 10cm.

  • Cut back other vegetation such as trees and shrubs by pruning overhanging branches to any buildings and fences. Be sure to remove dead vegetation.

  • Clearing your house, garage and shed gutters.

  • Move excess fire wood away from the home.

  • Ensure clear access to water supplies such as tank, hydrants and dams is available.

  • Remove flammable items from decks and verandas such as boxes, furniture and doormats.

  • If your shed contains flammable liquids, ensure these are moved as far away from the house as possible.

  • Reduce the risk of fire entering by sealing any gaps in floors, doors and windows, and ensuring no flammable objects are under the home.

  • Check your windows for any damage and repair if possible. If you are in a high fire danger zone, consider the use of fire shutters to help protect your home.

  • Fire can easily enter via an open door. Installing metal screen doors over timber doors can help reduce the change of an ember igniting the door.

  • Have you inspected your roof recently? Once you have cleaned your gutters, seal any gaps, complete repairs where required and cover skylights with a non-combustible fire screen. You may wish to consider setting up a bushfire sprinkler system on your roof also.

  • Check gas bottles are anchored securely and relief valves point away from any flammable materials.

  • Move pot plants a few meters away from the home.

What happens in my community?

Your local municipality will be preparing the community in many ways such as roadside slashing, property inspections to ensure no property is placing the community at risk and maintaining community assets by regularly mowing and removal of debris and vegetation.

If you wish to learn more about how the Mount Alexander Shire prepare the community for the Fire Danger Period visit: Fire Prevention in the Mount Alexander Shire.

Need supplies in preparing your home?

We are open 7 days a week with a wide range of products to help you prepare your home for the Fire Danger Period. From garden and power tools, to tanks, CFA fittings, pumps and hoses and all the materials to complete your home repairs; make sure you #GetTheRightStuff with professional advice from your locally owned hardware store.

For more information visit:


Mount Alexander Shire Council

Your local fire brigade.

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